Multiple Teams · Bay High School Athletics Fitness Challenge #BHSFC

Athletes and Parents,

We are looking to engage our athletes and coaches over the next several weeks to encourage physical fitness while maintaining social distancing.  

Twice a week (Monday and Friday) a challenge will be put out to a given coach and his/her program to complete some type of physical fitness activity.  This activity can be directed by the coach to his/her athletes and can be anything from playing a pick-up basketball game with family, playing a soccer game with family, riding a bike with family, running a certain distance on his/her own, performing a relay race with family, or running through a particular workout on his/her own all while being safe and maintaining social distancing.  This does NOT mean you get together with your teammates and play a pick-up basketball game or soccer game.  You are encouraged to do some fitness challenge with family members or on your own. 

How it works:  

  1. I will start by posting a physical fitness activity that I will complete with my family and post the video/photo on Bay Athletics Twitter with the hashtag #BHSFC.
  2. I will then challenge a given team for example (Coach Dougherty and Boys Soccer) and he will then perform some form of fitness challenge and post it to his Twitter page with #BHSFC.
  3. He will challenge his players to perform a similar challenge.
  4. Once his challenge is complete, he will then challenge another team (i.e. Coach Shetzer and Boys Basketball).  
  5. Coach Shetzer will repeat and then challenge his teams to complete the challenge.  
  6. Again, each time a team completes the challenge, you will post the video or photo on Twitter with the given hashtag #BHSFC.  

What do you do if your team does not have Twitter?  You can always send me the picture or video and I can post it for you. 

Again, the goals are to keep the athletes and coaches engaged with each other, to complete some form of physical fitness, and also most importantly to maintain social distancing.  Be creative with this and have fun.  

This Friday, I will be posting a fitness physical activity with my family and will challenge a coach/team to come up with their own, creative and safe challenge.  Don’t forget to use #BHSFC on your post.  

Thanks and good luck!

Matt Spellman

Athletic/Activities Director

Bay High School