Interscholastic Start Dates & Activities

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Interscholastic Athletics

Starting Dates for High School Teams  2020-2021 

Team                                                   First Day of Practice

Fall Sports

Football                                               August 1, 2020

Boys & Girls Soccer                           August 1, 2020

Boys & Girls Cross Country               August 1, 2020

Boys & Girls Golf                              August 1, 2020

Girls Tennis                                        August 1, 2020

Volleyball                                           August 1, 2020

Winter Sports

Girls Basketball                                  October 23, 2020

Ice Hockey                                          October 30, 2020

Boys Basketball                                  October 30, 2020

Swimming                                          October 30, 2020

Wrestling                                            November 13, 2020

Spring Sports

Baseball                                              February 22, 2021

Boys Lacrosse                                     February 22, 2021

Girls Lacrosse                                     February 22, 2021

Softball                                               February 22, 2021

Boys Track                                         February 22, 2021

Girls Track                                         February 22, 2021

Boys Tennis                                        March 8, 2021

2021-22 Start Dates and Activities

STUDENT ACTIVITES  (see “Clubs & Non-sport Activities” link under Rockets HQ for details of each club)

Academic Challenge- Matt Thornsberry

Bay Window- Heather Fanter

Cheerleading-Emily Forthofer

Choir- Devon Gess

Class Advisors:

9th Bridgit McFarland 

10th Katie McCarthy

11th Katie McCarthy

12th Kerry Walukas

SAGA- Kristen Balas

Key Club-  Anita Bauknecht

Marching Band- Darren Allen

Model UN- Ashley Nelson

NHS – Katie McCarthy

Orchestra- Carrie Singler

Pit Ochestra – Mark Awad

Project Earth- Joe Cheney

Rockettes- Leanne Rohlke

Science Club- Michael Clifford

Ski Club- Bobby Dougherty

Student Council- Rob Grossman

Technology Club – Brent Neibecker

Thespian Society- Luke Scattergood

Yearbook- Gary Ricketts

YPF (Youth Philanthropy Fellowship) –Beth Gergye